Posted by: Rick | Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Political Highlight Of Obama’s SOTU. . .

. . . has to be this:

From some on the right, I expect we’ll hear a different argument — that if we just make fewer investments in our people, extend tax cuts for wealthier Americans, eliminate more regulations and maintain the status quo on health care, our deficits will go away.  The problem is, that’s what we did for eight years.  That’s what helped lead us into this crisis.  It’s what helped lead to these deficits.  And we cannot do it again.  [Emphasis added]

This needs to be repeated by Democrats ad nauseum.

My other favorite moment was when Republicans snickered at the idea that the climate change was real.  It was amazing — and kind of shocking.  Obama himself didn’t seem to know how to react.  It’s a good thing he didn’t mention that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago; creationist heads might have started exploding in the House chamber.  (If the GOP took over the starship Enterprise, Mr. Spock would be out of a job.  They’d appoint Rush Limbaugh science officer.)



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