Posted by: Rick | Monday, February 1, 2010

Too Much Obama Love

The president engaged in some long overdue bitch-slapping last Friday at the Republican “issues forum”, but many on the left are getting carried away.  Really now, people: How hard is it to make Mike Pence look like a stupid, robotic hack?  The man is incapable of uttering a sound that couldn’t be one of Ronald Reagan’s old talking points.

Obama needs to do a lot more if he wants to derail the wingnuts.  Here’s Digby:

If all this only means that Democrats will continue to move further right in order to reach across the aisle then I don’t suppose it hurts anything — they are already stretching themselves into pretzels to get there.  But if the Republicans continue to successfully obstruct and then criticize Obama for failing to achieve his promise of bipartisanship, I think it exacerbates the problems we already have coming up in November.  I suppose the American people may see through their ruse, but I think it might be just a little bit too complicated: they just see Obama unable to achieve bipartisan agreement with people he repeatedly portrays as rational actors.  Therefore, he is weak and the Democratic agenda isn’t mainstream.

Republicans are obstructionists.  They must be portrayed as the bad guys.  Period.

No more constructive engagement, Barack.  It’s a waste of time and it confuses the voters.  The next time you go into the Republican snake pit, come back with a nice pair of boots and a few hand-stitched wallets.



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