Posted by: Rick | Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Imminent Demise Of Goldman Sachs

If Republican economic orthodoxy holds true, the top investment bank in the world is in serious trouble.  Its Fearless Leader is now toiling for a pauper’s wage:

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., trying to show it is responsive to public pressure over its pay, said Chairman and Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein would get a $9 million bonus for 2009, a fraction of the $68.5 million payout he got in 2007. . . .

Mr. Blankfein will likely make less than Richard Handler, the Chief Executive Officer of the lesser-known Jefferies Group Inc., who is expected to receive a bonus of approximately $12 million for his work in 2009.

I’m sure Ol’ Lloyd will find it hard to get up the gumption to go to work at all after this outrage.  I bet he’ll stroll into the office around ten on Tuesday, put in a few days of half-assed dealmaking, and call it quits right after lunch on Thursday — just in time for happy hour at his favorite CEO watering hole, where he’ll bitch and moan about how much fucking money that goddamn little pipsqueak Dick Handler is hauling in across the fucking street.

So I hope all you liberal commie pinkos are happy.  You can kiss another boatload of crappy American jobs goodbye.  The fruit juice of capitalism won’t trickle down to the unworthy masses if the Blankfeins aren’t compensated for their genius like Roman emperors.  

Haven’t you read Atlas Shrugged?



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