Posted by: Rick | Thursday, February 11, 2010

Arizona Flip-Flopper

John McCain jumped the shark a long time ago, but many uninformed voters probably still see him as a “maverick”.  That will change when wingnut radio blowhard J. D. Hayworth starts kneecapping him in the upcoming Senate primary.     

The teabaggers want McCain’s scalp.  Troglodyte Republican Jim DeMint is refusing to commit any money from his campaign slush fund to help re-elect Big Mac:     

“I’m going to stay neutral in Arizona,” DeMint told Fox News.     

But some analysts hardly saw that stand as truly neutral.      

“It’s a pretty bold move and I think it’s going to be read that way by a lot of people,” said Jonah Goldberg, editor-in-chief of National Review Online and a Fox News contributor.  “McCain is a very established power in the Senate.  He is really, in many ways, the elder statesman of the Republican Party.  And to not lend his support to McCain, I think, is a real sign that DeMint is putting himself in the outsiders’ camp, in the Tea Party camp, in the insurgents’ camp, against the Establishment.”     

I have no sympathy for John McCain.  He’s been a total fraud ever since George W. Bush beat him like a rented mule in the 2000 presidential campaign, after which McCain resolved to suffer any indignity to live in the White House.     

"Asshole. . ."

It will be great fun watching this “maverick” mangle his few remaining vertebrae as he back-flips his way to Sarah Palin’s right flank.   

More importantly, it can’t help the Republican brand for independent voters to see the most recent GOP standard-bearer complete his metamorphosis into an old, grumpy teabagger-in-training-pants.



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