Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Centrists Are Empty Suits. Could Somebody Please Inform The Media?

Politicus Sleazicus

Their spineless vapidity couldn’t be more obvious: Centrists define themselves by boasting of their own mealy-mouthed squishiness when faced with tough issues.  Yet in our shallow media culture, self-righteous chameleons like Evan Bayh and (cue gag reflex) Joe Lieberman are glorified as courageous men of principle.  

The shameful truth is that centrist politicians (Olympia Snowe, Ben Nelson et alia) bring nothing to the table except a willingness to endorse whatever is politically expedient.  (Not coincidentally, these characters usually end up selling their votes to the highest corporate bidder.  Somebody has to make up their minds for them.)  

The system probably needs a few Evan Bayhs to make it run smoothly.  But the media shouldn’t cheapen our public discourse by brainwashing voters into thinking that policy solutions can best be found in the political “center”.  

The center is run by centrists.  And centrists are — by and large — just cheap political hacks.



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