Posted by: Rick | Monday, February 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Goes Too Far — Again

Here’s part of the reason people are flying planes into federal buildings:

All right, now, if all of this sounds like a government out of control, go back to the progressive movement.  It is not what our founders of this country intended.  One hundred years of this movement, and the government growing while our rights are shrinking.  I’ve been saying now for awhile, and it really has clicked in my mind, um, that it is the progressive movement, it is the cancer that is inside both parties. It’s why you don’t feel like there is a choice.  It’s why John McCain and Barack Obama, you’re going, ‘You gotta be kidding me, right?’

That’s Glenn Beck firing up the troops at CPAC.  Nice, huh?  Maybe he can give the keynote address at Obama’s bipartisan health care summit.

If you’re waiting for Beck to put his money where his mouth is — let’s say, by endorsing and explaining Paul Ryan’s Republican plan to privatize Social Security and shrink Medicare — stop.  Glenn Beck’s ratings game is simply to ratchet up conservative rage to the edge of madness.  Inconvenient budget numbers won’t fit on his conspiracy blackboard.

There’s been a shake-up on the right: Rush Limbaugh is out, Glenn Beck is in.  Meet the new boss.  More dangerous than the old boss.



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