Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rays Of Hope

Paul Krugman is a brilliant economist, but he’s a bit of a Dr. Doom.  So check out this sunny little nugget from his blog:

[I]f health care passes, and job numbers turn positive, November may be very different from what the Tea Party expects.

I posted last September that in 2010, Democrats would be able to run on the economy, and I’m sticking to my prediction.  But first they’ll have to highlight the blatant GOP disinterest in things like the jobs bill:

Of the 41 [Senate] Republicans, 29 opposed the measure, while six skipped the vote.  More Republicans skipped the vote than voted in favor. [Emphasis added]

Profiles in courage!  Here’s how Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to justify his troops’ disappearing act in advance:

“What was a mystery to us is how the bipartisan bill got shelved.  I thought it was moving along a bipartisan path.  Many of my members were going to support it.  And all of a sudden the majority leader decided to skinny it down,” he said.  “I mean, the point is he needs to bring up the bill.  We need to have amendments and vote on it.  I think — in fact, Senator Bayh referred to this in his retirement announcement as one of his frustrations.  I share his frustration.  I thought that bill was on the way to being called up, amended, debate and voted on.”

Note the impenetrable Washington gobbledygook, and the desperate clinging to Evan (“The Quitter”) Bayh’s rapidly unraveling pant leg.  Keep talking, Mitch!   We’ll see you in November.



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