Posted by: Rick | Sunday, February 28, 2010

Republican Compassion: If You’re Not A Fetus, Quit Whining!

Uninsured middle-class parasites need to know that suffering is good for them.  It will strengthen their pathetically weak characters:

Right-wing media figures have mocked Democrats’ descriptions of hardships faced by their constituents who lack health insurance, including a story Rep. Louise Slaughter told about a woman who wore dentures that previously belonged to her dead sister.  For example, Rush Limbaugh said, “So if you don’t have any teeth, so what?  What’s applesauce for?”

Ah, yes . . . Nothing warms the heart quite like the spectacle of a bloated, Viagra-gobbling sybarite heaping scorn on the commoners. 

But Rush Limbaugh is merely the fattest of the wingnut fat cats.  Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin — none of them have much sympathy for those poor human embryos unlucky enough not to be born rich.

Limbaugh and company, no doubt, would defend their callousness by portraying their unforgiving brand of “conservative compassion” as a civic virtue: We know how the world really works and how the world will always work.  We’re not like those naive liberals forever in thrall to wishful thinking and utopian ideology.

The reality, of course, is the exact opposite.  Republican political dogma dictates that any public policy that isn’t “market-based” or that raises taxes on the wealthy must be opposed a priori.  Activist governmental solutions are always characterized as inherently inferior to policies grounded in some kind — any kind! — of “free market”.  (No reasoning or analysis is required, although corporate think tanks will be happy to supply an intellectual veneer sufficient for the likes of Sean Hannity.)  Compare this rigidly circumscribed mode of thinking with that of Franklin Roosevelt — the ultimate pragmatist — who used creative experimentation to address and solve real problems.

Right-wingers can argue that Social Security and Medicare should be privatized.  They can even make the extreme libertarian case that society would somehow be morally “better” if the social safety net withered away entirely and grandmothers had to eat out of cat food cans.  But they can’t make the claim that their cruelty is founded in “realism”.

A Limbaugh-style Republican is as blindly doctrinaire as any old Russian Bolshevik.



  1. I was talking to someone I worked with who is very religous and socially conservative. He is basically a one issue voter and that is abortion. However he is more economically liberal because of the messages from Jesus to help the poor etc. He was saying how disgusted he was of all these people who claim to be Christians but are only concerned with themselves. He then said they cannot be real Christians if they are like that. I hope Glenn Beck has not read the new testament. If he finds out about that spread the wealth guy he might have to disown it. Although it is easier to just believe the things you think are convenient and dismiss the others.


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