Posted by: Rick | Monday, March 1, 2010

The Politics Of No

"We're on your side . . . No, really!"

It looks like this guy — the befuddled one at last week’s summit — is going to continue taking the Republican lead on health care: 

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) said on Sunday that if Democrats push health care through under the majority only process known as reconciliation, it will be a “political kamikaze mission.”. . . 

“For the rest of the year we’re going to be involved in a campaign to repeal it,” Alexander said on ABC’s “This Week,” adding that campaign would begin “the day it passes.” 

The Republicans have been riding the obstructionist horse since day one, but I think they’re about to get thrown off.  The Democrats are going to pass a health care bill.  The process won’t look pretty.  But when the dust settles, they’ll have something to sell.  Republicans will have to defend the status quo.  Ouch! 

Maybe they can all start wearing plaid flannel shirts, like Lamar did when he ran for president.  It might make them look a little less like insurance company whores.



  1. You rail against “the Republicans riding the obstructionist horse” but seem to assume they do so because they don’t like Obama. No, it’s because they don’t like the health care bill. Please remember that they just passed the Job Stimulus Bill. Though I disagree with many things in that bill, the GOP felt there was enough good in it that it deserved passage. But the health care bill is the biggest boondoggle in history. If passed, it would destroy the economy of this country, which is already hanging on by a thread.

    Btw, and I’m sure I mentioned this before, this bill could easily pass without a single Republican voting for it. But the Democrats can’t seem to get their own party on board.

    If you paid attention to the Summit, the Republicans came with ideas, all which were shot down by Obama. They even suggested starting by passing portions on which they are on agreement i.e. pre-existing conditions and then work from there. But Obama didn’t want to piece meal it nor start from scratch.

    So don’t give me this “party of no” garbage. To Obama and the Democrats, compromise is a one-way street. Somebody needs to open up a dictionary…..

  2. My point was political.

    Republican strategy has been to prevent Democrats from passing a health care bill. Period. This is laid out in Frank Luntz’s memo. (The one he stole from Bill Kristol, circa 1993.) All the “bipartisan” nonsense we heard last year from Max Baucus and Olympia Snowe (and Barack Obama!) was a waste of time.

    Unfortunately for Republicans, they lost the last two election cycles. Democrats have the votes to pass something halfway decent. Obama — I hope — is finished with bipartisanship.

    So let the Republicans go forth and make their case for “a clean sheet of paper”. I still think they’re insurance whores, and I hope a lot of voters agree with me.


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