Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Jim Bunning Gang

These are the born-again Republican deficit hawks who never met an unnecessary two trillion dollar war they wouldn’t call an “emergency”, but who draw the line when it comes to helping Americans survive a brutal recession:

Hail the conquering hero!

Please don’t confuse this cheap grandstanding with political “courage”.  These Republicans know that the bill is going to pass.  They’re just sucking up to their base by getting up on their hind legs and casting a noisy “nay” vote.  They’d turn tail and run if something like the Paul Ryan entitlement-slashing budget ever came to the floor.  (Well, most of them, anyway.  Coburn and DeMint are hard-core extremists.  They’re pretty much driving the teabagger crazy train.)



  1. These are the same fiscally-minded folks who voted against PayGo, but for Bush’s tax cuts to for the wealthy, which brought us from a surplus to a deficit in a year.


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