Posted by: Rick | Thursday, March 4, 2010

Obama’s Message To Gutless Dems: “I’ve Got Your Back.”

Most Democrats in Congress would vote against a cure for cancer if they thought it would help them get re-elected.  Unfortunately, these are the people the rest of us are relying on to fix the health care system.  That’s why Barack Obama said yesterday:

Now, despite all that we agree on and all the Republican ideas we’ve incorporated, many — probably most — Republicans in Congress just have a fundamental disagreement over whether we should have more or less oversight of insurance companies.  And if they truly believe that less regulation would lead to higher quality, more affordable health insurance, then they should vote against the proposal I’ve put forward. [Emphasis added]

Translation for Congressional Democrats: I’ve walked my last bipartisan mile.  Not one inch further.  We’re going to pass this bill on our own, and then we’re going to start selling it to the public.  Your Republican opponents are going to promise to repeal it.  Good.  Let them.  But if you want to respond by calling them insurance company whores by saying they’re in the pocket of special interests, I’ll be right there behind you.  As a matter of fact, David Plouffe is working on our political strategy right now.  So just remember: Vote the right way on this, and we’ll all come out fine.  Vote wrong, and I won’t be able to do much for you.

I hope that’s Obama’s offer.  I’d advise Democrats to take it.



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