Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A St. Patrick’s Day Limerick About George Mitchell And Martin Peretz

George Mitchell helped stop the killing in Northern Ireland a decade ago.  Now he wants to get tough with Israel on their settlements policy. 

This, of course, lands him squarely in Marty Peretz’s crowded doghouse — but who cares?  To borrow a current pop culture simile, Marty is playing like Betty White these days.  His arguments are beyond weak.  (You can check out his latest watery emission here.  It’s on The Spine, Peretz’s wretched — yet addictive — New Republic blog.)

And now, because it’s never been tried before. . .

A “writer” from Harvard named Peretz
In Arabs found only demerits.
George Mitchell dissented —
The “writer” then vented:
“Just give them the stick – and no carrots!”

Not the greatest, but come on — how many words rhyme with “Peretz”?



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