Posted by: Rick | Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Politics: Live By The Poll, Die By the Poll

Up till now, thanks to a nonstop torrent of Republican lies, polling numbers for “Obamacare” haven’t been very good. 

But unfortunately for the GOP, the public likes the individual pieces of the package that will soon become the law of the land.  Barack Obama and the Democrats can start taking credit for what they’ve accomplished — with no help from the party of no.

And what will be the response from the Boehner-McConnell gang?  Well, this is music to my ears:

Rep. Pete Sessions (R- Texas), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, promised that GOP candidates would turn the 2010 midterm elections into a referendum on healthcare.  “We will run on a promise of repeal,” he said. [Emphasis added]

Thank you!  It’s the “Groundhog Day” strategy.  Republicans are going to replay the town hall hatefests of last summer, cranking up the volume to ear-splitting levels and praying that gun-toting teabaggers don’t kill anybody.  They’ll fire up and radicalize their base and probably pick up a few seats.  (That’s what happens in a midterm election.)  But smart Republicans know that health care reform will never be repealed.  It will only be strengthened.  

Is a committment to permanent obstruction any way to prepare a political party for the future?



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