Posted by: Rick | Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Slight Defense Of Republicans On The Issue Of “Extremist Language”

It’s ridiculous for Democrats to pretend that a lot of incendiary rhetoric wasn’t used to attack George W. Bush and his Administration.  It was.  I used it myself.  We should just concede the point and move on.

That being said, there are significant differences here that make the Tea Party movement a clear and present danger to a peaceful society.  I’ll talk about those differences later.



  1. An objective person, possessed of a certain level of honesty, would also say that the Democrats handling of the Americans dissenting from their agenda also inflamed the situation and helped bring about this somewhat violent awakening of the people.

    • I hope it’s a long way from “dissent” to a “violent awakening”. Your use of the word “somewhat” suggests that the Tea Partiers are halfway there already. But I’ll stop short of saying that you’re making my point for me.

      I’m actually still sorting out what I think on this issue. Today’s New York Times had a lot of good stuff I’ll have to consider. Stay tuned.

  2. Rick,

    In the thread of human events it is never a long way from “dissent” to a “violent awakening”. The violence is always there, just under the surface. All it takes to spark it off is for the those in power to ignore, insult, and belittle the dissenters.

    That is what the Dems in office did, aided and abetted by their pet media. The various pundits of the Right can fan the flames, but it was the Dems and the Liberal followers that lit them in the first place.


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