Posted by: Rick | Thursday, April 1, 2010

Palin/Hannity Love Nest?

If you thought Sean Hannity wasn’t in enough hot water over allegations that the “Freedom Concerts” he shills for are a giant rip-off, now comes this tasty morsel of sleaze: Internet bloodhound Debbie Schlussel is reporting that last summer, Sarah Palin was a frequent incognito “guest” of Hannity’s at numerous concert venues up and down the west coast:

Two independent sources — including a person very close to Oliver North — claim they saw Hannity and Palin “canoodling” backstage at a concert in Sacramento just before being whisked away in an enormous stretch limo.

Something tells me this story isn’t going away.  You can read more about it here.



  1. I read the post on Debbie’s blog re: the Freedom Concerts and it seemed quite damning against Hannity (I’m not a fan of him anyways) but when you start to read the retorts by others she sounds more and more like a bitter ex-girlfriend.


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