Posted by: Rick | Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Chicken In Every Doctor’s Office!

Who says Republicans are the party of no ideas?

I think Sue Lowden might be on to something here.  If you have three or four sick kids, you’ll be able to stretch the family health care dollar simply by making chicken salad!

Help Sue implement her brave new plan here.

UPDATE: On second thought, maybe this livestock thing isn’t such a great idea.  Last December, I underwent a surgical procedure which ended up costing around $15,000.  My insurance, fortunately, covered most of it.  Now, according to this chart, the spot price of a whole chicken was then a little over 82 cents per pound.  If an average broiler weighs 6 pounds, then under Lowden’s “barter system” I would have needed to keep 3,049 chickens stocked in my back yard in order to pay for the surgery.  While this may have been how they did things in the “olden days”, it seems very unwieldy for the twenty-first century.  I think single payer would be a lot more efficient, and if that makes me a socialist — so be it.

UPDATE II: TPM stole my joke.



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