Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Neil Cavuto’s Hard-Hitting Fox News Interview With Michael Brown (Poem)

So Brownie goes on Fox to say,
“Obama’s plan was to delay
Responding to the oil spill —
He doesn’t really want to drill!”

  Now Brownie’s rant makes little sense —
But this is Fox, where “news events”
Are merely opportunities
To spread the latest right-wing sleaze.

And where’s the spine of Neil Cavuto?
You’d sooner spot a tree on Pluto!
  He simpers that he’s being “fair” —
While kissing Brownie’s derrière.

So if you look for news on Fox,
 You’re dumber than a box of rocks. 
 You’re dumber than Sean Hannity —
  Wait – Scratch that: Über-dumb is he!




  1. His accusation/speculation that the White House may have sat back and said, ‘We may be able to use this to our advantage'” goes a little too far, but he’s right on a lot of other points such as the President seeming to take BP’s word for it that the spill was “under control”, asking where was the EPA on the ground on day one, etc.

    Both sides will politicize this, just like the Dems did with Katrina. And had people actually lit the fires on the oil spill, you can bet that the Global Warming nuts would have blamed the 94F temperatures I’m experiencing in Vegas on that, too!

    • Michael Brown is saying that the Obama Administration — for political purposes! — deliberately dragged its feet in order to create an environmental catastrophe on the Gulf Coast. I find that preposterous.

  2. Even O’Reilly agrees! 🙂

  3. Oh my a political poem. I love those.




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