Posted by: Rick | Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plumbing The Depths In Utah

If Senator Robert Bennett were any more right-wing, he’d be getting his head pulverized in Inglourious Basterds II.  Nevertheless, Republican teabaggers have decided that he’s too soft:

“He’s had his chance,” said Nick Whitehead, 17, a volunteer who greeted delegates at the downtown convention center with a giant placard touting businessman Tim Bridgewater, one of seven Bennett rivals.  “It’s time for new blood.” [Emphasis added]

I know nothing about this “Tim Bridgewater”, but I think he might be a vampire.  For God’s sake, Bob Bennett is a card-carrying wingnut!

What do these people want, anyway?



  1. (What do these people want, anyway?)

    They say they went after Bennett on policy calls, like his Tarp vote. Sure.

    They didn’t like his style. He was a little more circumspect. He wouldn’t Palin punchline or call them godless commies out, good and loud like… like Comrade Bachmann.

    But you know there is this huge anti-incumbent/anti-District thing… and Bennett is 76 years on.



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