Posted by: Rick | Monday, May 10, 2010

A Summer Of Gay-Bashing?

That’s what Republicans are likely to deliver as they look for ways to attack Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.  On the fringe, the GOP’s bottom-feeders are getting their panties in a twist obsessing over her sexual orientation:

Elena Kagan, if nominated today, will be forced to face the press.  She cannot be kept closeted not only from the public but from the inquiring minds of the media.  They have a solemn responsibility to do one thing: ask her directly and openly and in front of the American people: Are you a lesbian?

And if you are . . . Is it fun? 

Meanwhile, “respectable” Republicans will try to excite the wingnuts by combining homophobia with — what else? — cheap militaristic patriotism:

While at Harvard, she filed a friend of the court brief opposing the Solomon Amendment, which required universities that receive federal funding to be cooperative with military recruiters.  Kagan contended that the military’s ban on gays broke the law school’s anti-discrimination policy against gays.  Once the 3rd Circuit ruled that the amendment was unconstitutional, Kagan instructed Harvard Law’s Office of Career Services to stop helping military recruiters.  But she reversed course when the Supreme Court overturned the 3rd Circuit’s decision.  Still, she urged students to protest the recruiters.

Republican Senators are going to have a field day pitting manly soldiers against (wink wink, nudge nudge) Harvard lesbians.  It’ll be a base voter special just before the November election.  (I was listening to Sean Hannity today, and all three of his synapses were firing on this one.  He’s ready — as usual — to carry some GOP water.)

This kind of nonsense is mandatory for Republican politicians today, but they won’t be able to do it forever.  Younger voters think they’re ridiculous.



  1. Yep..this will be part of the play. And I can no longer listen to Sean Hannity. He doesn’t tip tactics, he just echos the template.

    Come on , a SCOTUS conformation during the summer of an off-year is a political junkies dream.




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