Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why Mitt Romney’s The One

That the Republican Party is dominated by right-wing extremists is obvious.  Paul Krugman explains it here.  But the Party’s leadership and its mouthpieces in the media aren’t stupid.  They know that in the real world, they can only take things so far.

Krugman is missing this point when he writes:

The truth is that the hard right has dominated the G.O.P. for many years.  Indeed, the new Maine platform is if anything a bit milder than the Texas Republican platform of 2000, which called not just for eliminating the Federal Reserve but also for returning to the gold standard, for killing not just the Department of Education but also the Environmental Protection Agency, and more.

Crazy stuff for sure, but the money bosses have no intention of allowing such things to actually happen.  There are better ways for them to line their pockets under compliant Republicans.  Much of the extremism — particularly of the “gold standard” variety — is political prolefeed for the base.

When the Party chooses its presidential nominee, it will eventually coalesce around a reliable corporate puppet like Mitt Romney.  And people like Sean Hannity will be on board from day one.

I’ve been listening to wingnut radio blowhards for a long time.  Most of  them care only about getting rich themselves.  (Glenn Beck recently admitted as much.)  They’re professional Republican propagandists who know how to keep the troops in line.

Believe me, they’ll have no trouble greasing the skids for Slick Mitt.  It’s what they do.



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