Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post-Election Takeaway: The Republican Party Is Still As Popular As Head Lice

There must be something about eight years of George W. Bush that leaves a bad taste in voters’ mouths.  In Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional district, Democrat Mark Critz defeated Republican teabagger Tim Burns in a special election to fill John Murtha’s seat.

Sure, Critz ran as a gun-totin’ conservative and kept his distance from Barack Obama, but so what?  This ain’t Philadelphia.  It’s “Pensyltucky”, where Obama himself had such a hard time with Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

But where’s the love for Republicans in this district that John McCain carried in 2008?  According to Dick Morris, these voters are chomping at the bit to get them back in power.

Or maybe not.



  1. Critz seems like a good man with solid progressive ideas.

  2. I’d say that in a district where the registered Dems outnumbered registered Reps 2 to 1, the Dems coming up with a win is about as impressive or surprising as the Yankees beating the Royals in a one-game series.

  3. From today’s Washington Post (

    Conservatives thought that they could win this race, and that Critz’s promises to break from the Democratic agenda on some issues would melt under pressure. Jim Geraghty sums it up:

    The Burns campaign did everything they could to tie Burns to Democratic figures and laws that polled badly in the district — Pelosi, the health care bill — and it appears that in the end, voters in the district weren’t buying it.


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