Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I Rarely Watch Hardball

Chris Matthews isn’t quite the Republican spear carrier he was in the nineties, but he still has a personal animus against Bill and Hillary Clinton that makes me reach for the remote.  I guess you could say I hold a grudge.

Tonight, while discussing yesterday’s election results, he made an offhand remark about “Blanche Lincoln and the Clintons down in Arkansas”.  As if Lincoln were part of some new Clinton conspiracy like the one hatched in the fevered imagination of Ken Starr circa 1998.

Last time I checked, Bill Clinton hasn’t lived in Arkansas for years.  Lincoln asked him for his support and he agreed.  I wish he hadn’t, but that’s politics.  He thought he owed her one.  And Hillary had nothing to do with it.  (She’s kind of busy right now.)

Chris Matthews, dear readers, is not to be trusted.  Currently, he’s on a jihad against Rush Limbaugh and his “extremism” that makes me laugh.  Limbaugh is no more extreme today than he was when Matthews used to fill in for him on the radio.

Back then, Rush was suggesting that Hillary Clinton shot Vince Foster.  Strangely enough, Chris seemed okay with that.



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