Posted by: Rick | Thursday, May 27, 2010

Political Malpractice In Obama-Land

Barack Obama’s flacks can whine all they want that the White House — really and truly! — is on top of the oil spill crisis.  But no one’s buying it.  Perception is reality, and the perception is that BP is running the show — and running it poorly.

Where the hell is David Plouffe, Obama’s political guru?  I assume he knows there’s an election coming up.  I don’t think the phrase “Obama’s Katrina” is something he wants to hear bandied about this summer.

It’s way, way past time for Barack Obama to — quite literally — get his hands dirty in the Gulf.  He’s going to get blamed for whatever goes wrong down there.  He needs to take some credit for whatever goes right.

Remember: A Republican Congress can inflict a lot more damage on the country than even the worst oil spill.  (See: Iraq War, Great Recession, Sam Alito.)



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