Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What A Free Press Looks Like

From Haaretz (Israel):

Elite units are supposed to know how to take over a ship without sinking the state, how to overcome passengers wielding clubs and knives without sowing death, how to keep two pistols and a rifle from being wrested from them.

But a physical confrontation should never have been allowed to develop to begin with.  If this was indeed a “political/media provocation,” we should never have let ourselves become entangled in it.

Had we simply let the flotilla reach Gaza — an option that was proposed — a cry of victory would indeed have erupted from the other side, but it would have died out in a day or two.  But the Israel of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Barak, of ministers Moshe Ya’alon and Benny Begin, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer and Eli Yishai and even Dan Meridor, is vying with Hamas and Hezbollah over who can produce the most resounding demonstrations of strength — which amount to nothing but humiliating evidence of weakness.

The title of this piece is “Seven Idiots In The Cabinet”.  Talk about speaking truth to power!  The New York Times would never be so indecorously contemptuous.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, here’s the scurvy old racist Marty Peretz:

The propaganda for the flotilla has been in the works for months.  Most of it was simply false.  The poverty in Gaza is not qualitatively greater than that of your average Arab city. (Take Cairo. Or Amman, for that matter.) The markets are full of fruit and vegetables . . . and flowers.  Persistent pockets of deprivation exist in the historic refugee concentrations, which the Palestinian political class maintains as evidence of the ancient wrong.   And, no, nobody is building big houses . . . except again the elites, to the extent that they can smuggle materiel through the hundreds of tunnels which are perhaps less corrupt than the ordinary channels of commerce. [Emphasis added]

In the eyes of Martin Peretz (safely ensconced in Massachusetts), Arabs are either peasants or gangsters.  Israel may treat them as it sees fit.

And anyway, what’s with all the bitching and moaning over the bad luck of a few Palestinians?  The Arab streets run pink with flowers!



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