Posted by: Rick | Thursday, June 24, 2010

Insane Republican Clown Posse

Yesterday, I drew your attention to the crazy-ass fascism running rampant among Fox News viewers.  Today, Eric Boehlert at Media Matters is wondering if the inmates are about to topple the asylum:

Fox News is programmed for Obama dead-enders, that much is clear.  They’re the radical minority of political hyper-partisans who hold as a matter of faith that Obama is a Manchurian candidate.  It’s not just that Obama was born in Kenya and isn’t truly of this country, or culture, and that his policies are misguided and wrong for America.  It runs much deeper.  It’s that Obama ran for the Oval Office with the explicit plan to ruin America from within once he was elected.  He ran for president in order to destroy this country by stripping it of its freedoms and liberties and transforming the United States into some sort of socialist or communist outpost.

Boehlert goes on to point out how completely out of touch Fox and the entire right-wing noise machine is in siding with BP over the American taxpayer on the oil spill.  This, he argues, might be a tipping point.

Is Boehlert right?  Has post-Reagan conservatism finally gone too far?  Let’s hope so.  And if it has, then plain old greed — fittingly enough — will be the proximate cause of its demise.  To wit:

Roger Ailes needs to keep feeding the Fox News ratings beast he created.  Rush Limbaugh needs to keep the Kobe beef, pâté de foie gras and ’85 Pétrus sliding down his gullet.  Upstart charlatans like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin need to make as much money as they can before the suckers catch on to their act and string them up like Mussolini and his mistress.  In short: the crazy greedheads are ready for their close-ups.

So stay tuned this summer and fall, kids.  If we’re lucky, we might see an epic wingnut train wreck.

NOTE: The Mussolini reference was metaphorical.  And no, I won’t go all Joe Barton and start apologizing for my heartfelt rhetoric.  Take it as you will.



  1. When you look at the far right and judge them out of touch, you need to look at the extreme left, too. They’re just as out of touch. Who’s extreme left? Obama, Gore, Biden, Pelosi, Boxer, the Whale warriors, the Kyoto Treaty-ers, pro-aborts, the healthcare for everyone crowd.

    It’s not that championing whales is bad, but running into ships to try to stop them is. It’s not that there’s no global warming, it’s that we can do little to change it, since we didn’t cause it. It’s not that everyone doesn’t deserve basic health care, it’s that the government way is the wrong way.

    • “Whale warriors” don’t hold the kind of power in the Democratic Party that BP defenders Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck hold in the Republican Party. They’re the radical face of the GOP, and you can have them.

      • Limbaugh has 0 power in the Rep Party, and Beck is not a Republican, so I guess you can’t really say that the greenies don’t hold more power in the Dem party. Look at how the radical left thinks Pelosi, Reid, and Obama haven’t gone far enough…

        But actually, I’m neither, I let God be in control, and don’t depend on man.

    • David – remember when Newt Gingrich in ’94 made Rush an honorary member of that Congressional class? he said it was because they’d never have won the House without Rush’s influence.

      Powerful mainstream Republicans and conservatives – many serviing in national office – are spouting (or more tellingly, not disputing) the same nonsense as Rush and Glenn. To compare them to Greenpeace, who are a one-issue radical group with absolutely NO power, is nonsense.


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