Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Genius Of The Week

I’ve got three pistols, two Uzis and a howitzer in my camouflaged van, and only Jesus himself can take them away from me!

The next time Elena Kagan gets criticized for having once suggested that Supreme Court confirmation hearings were “vacuous” and “farcical”, she should produce this clip.  The expression on her face says it all: WTF?  Am I in clown school?  Where are the real senators?

Chuck Grassley is a world-class moron.  Couldn’t the Republicans find somebody better suited to serve on the supposedly brainy Judiciary Committee?  (Come to think of it — probably not.  Inhofe, Ensign, Coburn, Bunning — there aren’t enough backwater rocks in the Senate to hide all their dimwits under.)



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