Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Glenn Beck’s Punk Hubris: How To Ruin A Summer Vacation

The strong-stomached saints at Media Matters monitor Glenn Beck’s ravings so no one else has to.  I hadn’t realized how completely out of control the man’s ego has become.

Apparently, Beck plans to serve as Grand Imperial Wizard for some sort of Tea Party klavern at a rally to be held at — of all places! — the Lincoln Memorial.  Media Matters has compiled a page of ridiculous Beckian quotes on the subject — such as:

Let me tell you something.  You are the key.  Not me or people like me, but you and people like you.  Millions of people like you.  They’re not afraid of me, they’re afraid of you!

Just like Gandhi.  Just like Rosa Parks.  It wasn’t Rosa Parks.  It was the millions of people that were inspired by Rosa Parks’ non-movement.  Rosa Parks wasn’t a danger.  The people who watched her and said “yeah, I’m with her, I’m not movin’ either.”  It’s the people who sat at a counter, a soda fountain counter.  You think people were afraid of them?  No.  They were afraid of the people that those people inspired.

Martin Luther King was just one man.  You see, what they’re doing is they’re saying “get up from the counter.  You don’t have a seat at this counter.”  Yes you do.  They’re telling you: “Get to the back of the bus!”  “You don’t sit up here, you sit back there!”  No I don’t.  You stand up for what you believe.

Move over, Gandhi and King.  You guys are so yesterday.  (Is this disgusting or what?  Barf bags are recommended when Glenn Beck starts moralizing.)

Now, the teabggers can bow and scrape before whatever megalomaniacal media mountebank they choose.  It’s no skin off my nose.  But there’s a controversy brewing over whether they should be allowed to do it on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and I’m afraid I side with the nays.

It’s not a free speech issue.  It’s a common courtesy issue.  Let’s say you’re a middle class Democratic dad who’s saved his pennies for a brief family vacation in the nation’s capital.  Abraham Lincoln is your idol.  On the beautiful sunny day you’ve picked to visit his Memorial, you’re faced with this:

It’s just not right.  No more than it would be right to subject a teabagger dad to this at his favorite historical site:

None of this stuff belongs at places set aside for all Americans to enjoy as they see fit.  How hard is that to comprehend?



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