Posted by: Rick | Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dog Eat Dog: An American Future Under Republican Rule

With nothing positive to offer disgruntled voters, the Republican Party has seized upon “deficit reduction” as its overarching issue.  In a rational world — one with an honest media — this would be a political nonstarter.  The very word “Republican” would be synonymous with “fiscal irresponsibility” (see Reagan, R., and Bush, G. W.)  But alas, we live in a world where “journalists” pretend that FOX is a real news-gathering operation.  Republicans can lie with relative impunity.

Last night, for the third straight time, the GOP filibustered an extension of unemployment benefits.  This was done in the name of deficit reduction, but that’s just a cover story.  If Republicans get back into power, the first thing they’ll do is double down on the budget-busting Bush tax cuts in a payoff to their money men.  Red ink will flow like Niagara.

In an attempt to look fiscally responsible, our future Republican rulers will attempt to shred the social safety net, but there’s only so much they can get away with.  Since supply-side (“voodoo”) tax cuts are sacrosanct to conservatives, deficit politics will abide.  Meanwhile, the rich will get richer, the middle class will atrophy — and enemies will need to be found, both foreign and domestic.  One of these enemies will be the long-term unemployed.

The people who finance the Republican Party have no interest in addressing the societal issue of structural unemployment.  Corporations like to have workers at their mercy.  It keeps their costs down.  In order to win elections, Republicans will pit those Americans fortunate enough to still have a  job against those who may be characterized by politicians — sotto voce but clearly — as parasites.

Last night’s ugly attack on the unemployed was the latest salvo in the Republican Party’s continuing war on the middle class.  It prefigures a much greater ugliness that would come to pass in the Age of Romney.



  1. I would have to agree with your post. My ideology disagrees with extending the doll for anyone, but in reality I know two things to be true right now:
    1) The jobs really aren’t there.
    2) Everyone I know who is on unemployment does not want to be there.

    If they’re not on UI, then they’ll be on welfare – it’s that simple. None of the people I know went over their heads buying homes, nor did they overextend their credit. They operated under the premise of a “stable” economy, and they don’t have much of a lifeline left if things go further south. Under Republican rule I do see a different “class warfare” happening as you describe – the employed vs. the unemployed, which for reason I’ve mentioned is wrong.

    That being said, however, the Democrats continue to ram uncertainty down the throats of small business owners, who could be hiring these people. This isn’t helping, either. Owners have to have some idea of where Obama’s taking this economy, or they simply won’t hire.


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