Posted by: Rick | Friday, July 16, 2010

How To Crush The Boehner-McConnell Gang

No sane American outside the upper 2% of income earners should ever vote for a Republican.  Right-wing pundit Jonah Goldberg explains why

When Obama was tall in the saddle and determined to exploit the economic crisis on his terms, there was no point in offering real alternatives.  And it’s just a lot easier to criticize than it is to lead.

Now is the time for the GOP to call Obama’s bluff and offer a real choice.  My personal preference would be for the leadership to embrace Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s “road map,” a sweeping, bold, and humane assault on the welfare state and our debt crisis.  Doing so might come at the cost of trimming the GOP’s victory margins in November, but it would provide Republicans with a real mandate to be something more than “not-Obama.”  [Emphasis added]

The teabaggers have put Republicans in a real bind.  In their naiveté, they seem to think that GOP politicians really give a shit about the “debt crisis”.  They do not.

Republicans must create budgetary red ink.  Their wealthy donors and corporate puppet masters demand enormous tax giveaways.  Cutting domestic discretionary spending yields chump change.  Defense, of course, is sacrosanct.

That leaves entitlements.  Paul Ryan’s “humane assault on the welfare state” (does Jonah Goldberg read his own writing?) means privatizing Social Security and phasing out Medicare.  In other words. . .

GOP Congress to the American middle class:  Fuck You.  You’ve been coddled long enough, what with your unemployment checks and free school lunches.  It’s time for a little character building, you lazy sons of bitches.  Maybe without all the handouts, you’ll find a way to pull yourself up by your father’s bootstraps the way George W. Bush did.  Now get to work.

It’s the job of Democrats to tie the Paul Ryan Middle Class Destruction Act around the neck of every Republican politician.  Even better: Get the teabaggers to demand it.

I know Mitch McConnell thinks he’s “got his groove back”, thanks to the still-struggling economy (Hey, baby — That’s just how I roll!).  We need to make him squirm.



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