Posted by: Rick | Friday, July 16, 2010

You’re Rich!

You know all those debts you think you have?  Like your mortgage and stuff?  All gone!

Here’s Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK):

Continuing the [Bush] tax cuts isn’t a cost, if you added new taxes, new tax cuts, I would agree that’s a cost.  It’s not a cost. That’s where we are today.  That’s the baseline.  It doesn’t score anything to continue them.  It costs money if we increase, which I would be willing to do.  I think we ought to cut corporate taxes.

See, the money you owed before is — you know — old stuff.  It doesn’t count.  Only the new stuff you owe counts. You’re rich!

Us Republicans never count old tax cuts as real money.  And we never, ever, ever count corporate tax cuts as real money.  That would be socialist.  And job-killing.  And Communist.  And un-American.  Ipso facto, presto change-o!

Good lord, these are the people who want to put our fiscal house in order.



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