Posted by: Rick | Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Question That Never Gets Answered

How big is too big, and why does it matter?

A main tenet of conservatism is that “smaller government” is a good thing in and of itself.  This is vacuous. 

A political philosophy (Marxism, conservatism) not focused primarily on the real lives of citizens is for the freshman dorm.



  1. You’re serious yoking Marxism with conservatism. You’ve lost me Rick…

    • Only in the sense that both philosophies tend to elevate theoretical considerations over practical ones.

      I prefer FDR-style pragmatic liberalism.

  2. I think that’s a real reduction of both philosophies. And Marxism is a very complicated discourse.

    • A study of Marxism will be a thousand times more fruitful than a study of the economic thinking of Rush Limbaugh. I certainly didn’t mean to put the two on the same intellectual plane.

      My point was that “small government” conservatism needs to be exposed for the political scam that it is. Corporate Republicans like Karl Rove don’t care how big the government is as long as the right people are benefiting.


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