Posted by: Rick | Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Republican Agenda As Outlined By John Cornyn And Pete Sessions On Meet The Press Today

We promise to balance the federal budget.

We promise to cut a lot of wasteful programs.  (We’ll tell you what they are when we hear from the President’s blue-ribbon commission.  In December.)

We will repeal Obama’s health care and financial reform bills.  Maybe.

We will propose nothing but common-sense reforms.  Not those icky Nancy Pelosi ones.

We will not pile debt on our children and grandchildren.  Therefore, we will not let one penny of the Bush tax cuts expire.

We will oppose all job-killing programs.

We will oppose all runaway spending.

We will not write bills that are really, really long.

We will support common-sense, non-job-killing, fiscally responsible, pro-free enterprise, pro-family, pro-growth, small government solutions that will put our fiscal house in order in a common-sense way without raising taxes, killing jobs, spending money we don’t have, and piling debt on our children and grandchildren.

The Bush years were great.  But we’re nothing like Bush.  Just look at all the new ideas we just proposed! 

Can we go home now, David?



  1. GOP’s motto should be: “We don’t need no critical thinking or facts; we just use common sense! (If we had any)”


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