Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Republican/Media Symbiosis

Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly:

If congressional Republicans have actual policy ideas — a dubious proposition, to be sure — they can offer them to voters as an alternative to the status quo.  The media might scrutinize those ideas, but the GOP should welcome the chance to talk about the direction they’d take the country if given the chance.  It’s what elections are for.  A party’s ideas should be “campaign issues”; that’s the point of campaigns.  [Emphasis added]

Unfortunately, the media would greatly prefer not to “scrutinize ideas”, for two reasons: 1) It’s kind of hard, and 2) Someone might call their objectivity into question.

Republicans are going to be campaigning this year on a platform of — don’t laugh! — “fiscal responsiblity”.  Given their party’s commitment to perpetual tax-cutting, the only “ideas” they can put forth must necessarily involve the wholesale destruction of middle-class entitlements (basically, the Paul Ryan plan).  And not even John Boehner’s that stupid.

That’s why we can look forward to many more embarrassing displays of inanity like the one we got from John Cornyn and Pete Sessions on Meet The Press the other day.  Republican politicians have no other choice but to run and hide.  And while the media may occasionally point out the GOP’s “lack of specificity”, they won’t make a big issue of it.  It’s what they want.

One possible source of Boehner-McConnell heartburn: That the teabaggers don’t fall quietly in line like good little suckers.  That they press Republican candidates to say something concrete.



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