Posted by: Rick | Monday, August 2, 2010

In Bed With Dogs? Own The Fleas.

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizen’s United case, corporations feel emboldened purchase as many politicians as they can.  In Minnesota, Target is trying to drop Republican troglodyte Tom Emmer into its shopping basket — and some of its customers aren’t happy:

When Randi Reitan heard about Target’s $150,000 donation to a Minnesota-based political group backing a gubernatorial candidate with penchant for opposing gay rights, she marched straight into the popular superstore and cut up her store credit card.

“I had to speak up and so I decided to go to my Target, talk to the store manager and tell him that I just couldn’t shop there anymore,” said Reitan. “Then I cut up my Target Visa card.”

Reitan, who says she has dedicated her life to gay rights after her son Jacob came out 10 years ago, isn’t the only one upset by the discount department store’s move.

Gay rights activists and loyal Target shoppers are furious with the company after it contributed $150,000 to MN Forward, a political group that has endorsed and is paying for ads for the Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.

Emmer, who will face the winner of the Democratic gubernatorial primary and an independent candidate in the general election this November, is against gay marriage.

Target is claiming that this is unfair.  Why, they love gay people.  They shouldn’t be held responsible for every position that their boy Tommy Emmer takes. 

Sorry, Target.  That dog won’t hunt.

Listen up, progressives:  With teabaggers and other assorted wingnuts taking center stage in the Republican Party, we need to make sure that their corporate sponsors get tarred with the same brush of extremism.  No free rides. 

In for a penny, in for a pound!  (H/t TPM)



  1. Businesses have been backing (buying) politicians for years, so I don’t fear the Citizens United decision as much as many others do. Yet, as a business owner, I, and every business owner I know knows the dangers of letting personal politics interfere with the spirit of your business.

    A businesses only “discrimination” should be customers who want to buy your products vs. those that don’t, and you’re trying to win over most that don’t, not alienate them so this move by Target makes little sense to me. Whatever business they lose because of it, they deserve.

    • The company seems to be blinded by greed. Their accountants must have a laundry list of tax favors and other goodies they expect to receive from this guy.

      Besides, the vast majority of corporate executives are simply knee-jerk Republicans. It’s part and parcel of their testosterone-fueled “serious businessman” persona. Clinton — bad! Obama — bad! Bush — good!

      Never mind that recent economic history tells a slightly different story.

      • I disagree with you on the knee-jerk Republican thing, or that Wall Street is in fact Republican (in the middle of New York, are you kidding me?!) but regardless the Target move seems stupid and I applaud the woman for protesting in what I believe to be the best way – with her wallet.


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