Posted by: Rick | Thursday, August 5, 2010

It’s Official: Obama Gets Back His Mojo

William Kristol — the preternaturally inaccurate prognosticator and pundit who edits The Weekly Standard — tells us that Barack Obama’s presidency will be judged a failure if he doesn’t take the following three actions, pronto:

Announce that he wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent

Tell Americans that he has no plans to start withdrawing from Afghanistan in 2011

Stick his nose into the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy that currently has the teabaggers in a lather

I’m not kidding.  That’s actually Kristol’s advice for Barack Obama heading into the midterms.  (Read it here.)

This is great news for the President.  Not only is Bill Kristol always wrong, but I highly doubt that the White House is considering any of these rather dubious proposals.  (If they are, then they haven’t learned a thing in the last two years.)

I suddenly feel much better about November.



  1. “Stick his nose into the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy that currently has the teabaggers in a lather”

    No, it has 9/11 victims’ families and over 60% of New York citizens in a lather.

    Considering that Obama will happily and quickly stick his nose into other race issues (ex: AZ immigration law, cop vs. professor), it will be interesting to see whether he puts the sensitivities of Muslims sympathizing with Jihad over the victims of those who died as a result of one.

    I call those pushing for the Mosque “Jihad Sympathizers” because they could build a Mosque anywhere. The fact that they’re wanting to build one there is a political statement that no one wants to acknowledge for fear of being called racist.

    You keep talking about Obama nutting up – this is one of the times where he should.

    • I think it is a little unfair to call people supporting it “Jihad Sympathizers.” To me that is kind of like calling people who support abortion rights “baby killers.” I completely understand the reasons for being against it and I did not lose anyone on 9/11 so I admit I am at an emotional disadvantage, but I do not think that is the proper way to debate it is namecalling. I just think they have a right to put it two blocks away. It is not a place for jihad, it is a place for muslims to practice their faith and have a recreation center. They have just as much sympathy as anyone else and to me it seems like saying they cannot build it because it will put muslims sympathizing with jihad there is silly. It will just be a step back for relations between muslims and non-muslims in my opinion. So in the end I respect the opinion of people opposed. I do disagree and think it is a good debate to have but I think “jihad sympathizers” is a bit over the line.

      • Hi Jon,

        Considering the tone of my reply, you may be right as it was very emotional. After more reading on the issue, I put a less emotional and more thought out opinion on my own blog.

        For our purposes here, I’ll say that I could not understand why someone who says American policy was an “accomplice to the crime of 9/11”, i.e. the Imam pushing for the Mosque, would insist on it being in that location. The only reason I could think would be to dance on the graves of those who had fallen there. Those who support the Mosque obviously don’t want that to happen, but they’re supporting it out of the right to religious freedom, not for some political agenda like I believe the Imam also has. I should have separated those “pushing” the mosque vs. those “supporting” it in my wording and apologize for wrongly putting everyone who supported it in that same category.

        After further consideration, my position on the matter has changed somewhat. I still do not support a Mosque at Ground Zero, but for different reasons. I am in support of SOMETHING being erected there that speaks to the peace that many Westerners and Middle Easterner’s pray for, but I don’t think it should be a Mosque. I am for some sort of place of worship and memorial where Jews, Christians, and Muslims, along with any of the friends or families of the victims, can mourn and pray TOGETHER. A mosque itself won’t do that.

  2. Setting aside the merits of the mosque question (you can probably guess my position), there’s no political advantage for Obama in weighing in here. Democrats will be pissed off at him and Republicans will still call him a socialist infidel. All to no purpose.

    Bill Kristol’s advice is absurd. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of advice Democrats have been taking for too many years.

    • Yeah, Obama’s in a no-win so far with this, and I think Kristol’s been in the weeds for some time.

      I have a friend over in Domascus who told me that Christians and Muslims pray together, though, and I thought what a cool idea. Seriously – don’t you think something like that near Ground Zero would be – pardon the expression – “monumental”? Or do you think that’s crazy?


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