Posted by: Rick | Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sugar High Of Republican Devolution

As the Republican Party moves further to the right, its reliance on nativism, racism and homophobia to win elections will become increasingly apparent.  (This is because tax-cutting conservatism offers nothing of economic value to a shrinking middle class.) 

Remember the anxious days right after 9/11?  George W. Bush repeatedly said that Islam was a great religion and that Muslims were not our enemies.  Where are the voices of Republican reason today?  Gone or in hiding.  Teabaggers, birthers, Christian crusaders, xenophobes and closet Klansmen hold such sway within the modern GOP that no one is around to provide adult supervision. 

While this appeal to the evil angels of our nature may help a few Republicans at the ballot box, it probably spells trouble for the party as a whole.  It’s a “Fox News” strategy — and the Fox News audience is old.  The GOP is headed straight for a demographic cliff.

Of course, Republicans could try to reverse the trend of tolerance that we see among young people today.  The GOP is great at fomenting racism.  Their next challenge may be to actually create racists

Can they do it?  I wouldn’t put it past them.  Paging Dr. Frankenstein.  Or should I say — Dr. Ailes?



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