Posted by: Rick | Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Things Never Change

In the world according to CNN, Democrats must never stand by their principles (assuming they have some):

If Democrats lose control of the House — or if their majority is just weakened — Obama should be prepared to do what President Bush and President Clinton did when their parties suffered big losses.  They took responsibility and showed a willingness to reach across the aisle.

Uh . . . when exactly did George W. Bush start compromising on his right-wing agenda?  I must have missed it.

And Bush looks like Adlai Stevenson compared to the typical Republican of 2010.  The GOP has been completely Foxified.  It’s now a well-oiled hate machine led by Sarah Palin and Roger Ailes. 

Whom would Obama even “reach across the aisle” toOlympia Snowe again?  Then he’d better brace himself for another well-timed kick in the nut sack.

The Republican Party is a menace to society that must be discredited and destroyed, not coddled.

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  1. There is hope for America:


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