Posted by: Rick | Monday, September 13, 2010

Decision Points, Amnesia Time

"I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family." - Dubya

If Republicans manage to take over the House of Representatives, there’s one thing we’re going to see immediately — an audacious attempt to rewrite recent history.  Here’s the scenario:    

Following a Republican victory on election night, the corporate media will dutifully repeat the standard GOP line that America is a conservative country, and that liberals always overreach, and blah, blah, blah.  (Blue Dog Democrats will chime in with their usual nauseating political cowardice.)  Then, on November 9, George W. Bush will embark on a new career as a fiction writer with the publication of his presidential memoir Decision Points.  Fox News and the rest of the right-wing propaganda machine begin transforming the erstwhile bumbling, Hooveresque warmonger-in-chief into some kind of majestic melding of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa.  Intelligent people will vomit uncontrollably nationwide (as Karl Rove sets a Guinness world record for most lies told in thirty seconds), but mainstream reporters and pundits will be more than happy to climb aboard the Bush Love Train — not because they don’t think Dubya is the worst president in history, but because they’re ashamed to have served as his bootlicking pre-war enablers, and they’d like to see his reputation rehabilitated, even if it’s all fake.  (And don’t be taken in by the notion that teabaggers and other alleged conservatives somehow dislike George W. Bush, the country’s last Caucasian president.  That’s absurd.  They worshiped him once, and they’ll worship him again, with cherries on top — just as soon as Roger Ailes gives the order.)    

This historical rewrite is coming, folks.  We can’t let the liars get away with it.



  1. Not only that, but they’ll dig up Ronald Reagan and put his remains in resin and claim in his campaign, *He may be dead, but his policies live on with us and he has our vote!* Then he will be added in stone at Mount Rushmore, and at his library they will add a nude statue, anatomically correct, with the body form of Hercules. Nancy Reagan will say *The Democrats in September 2010 were many in favor of putting an extension on the Bush tax cuts that I know Ronnie wishes he had come up with. Therefore, I made his statue anatomically correct to show what big balls we think he has, but to let the Dems do to his erect statue what I did to him when he was still married to his previous wife. Newt Gingrich would understand!*


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