Posted by: Rick | Thursday, September 16, 2010

Go With What You Know, Christine

I just heard Sean Hannity on his radio show blasting the “liberal media” for talking about Christine O’Donnell’s hardline position on masturbation.  How dare these reporters, Sean bellowed (Sean always bellows), dwell on such nastiness when our country has so many problems to solve.

Well, Sean, here’s the deal: I looked at Ms. O’Donnell’s resume, and masturbation is clearly a subject that’s in her wheelhouse.  I’m sure she knows it backwards and forwards.  What’s not in her wheelhouse is pretty much anything having to do with the economy, the law, foreign policy or government in general.  (There’s a reason the chairman of the Delaware Republican Party said Christine O’Donnell couldn’t be elected dog catcher.)

Hey, Sean, this woman is your candidate for U.S. Senate.   Get her up to speed on the issues, or Democrats are going to appoint her Secretary of Cold Showers.



  1. LOL! Sean Hannity is just pissed because his friend Christine asked him how many times he gives little Sean the Rosie Palm and her 5 Sisters treatment a day. She told him either he stop or his eyesight will start failing. O’Donnell should know you can’t stop GOP erec- uh, elected officials from doing the hand job. That’s how they get their brains warmed up and working! Plus Hannity doesn’t really think the media is going to make up something that this Tea Party weirdo doesn’t have as a platform, does he? The media couldn’t even begin to make up the stuff these Tea Party loons want!


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