Posted by: Rick | Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea Party Paper Tigers

There’s all kinds of speculation in the media about whether John Boehner — should he become Speaker of the House — will be able to keep his Tea Party faction from going off the deep end.  Grassroots Republican teabaggers — so the story goes — are so principled and so fiscally responsible that they won’t stand for any more corporate business-as-usual.

Well, I’m not buying it.  Here’s a list of teabaggers who oppose an extension of the gargantuan, budget-busting Bush tax cuts for the rich:

(Oops.  Sorry.  There’s no list.  I couldn’t find even one!)

Teabaggerism, folks, is all about 2012.  It’s an anti-Obama movement, pure and simple.  All the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the national debt and “future generations” is as phony as The Boner’s tan.

Believe me, rank-and-file tea partiers will be quite satisfied with whatever symbolic scraps of “reform” the Republican High Command tosses their way.  Fox News will skillfully market the whole rancid mess as a “Second American Revolution”, and a right-wing circle jerk will ensue.

With corporations controlling the GOP legislative agenda, teabaggers will be free to focus on their true mission: Electing a president who looks . . . presidential

You know — a white guy (or gal).



  1. Is Keith Olbermann your ghost writer? It seams to me that you may have finally realized that your opinion is in the minority in American, and your whining is getting over done.

    If you want a socialist utopia so bad find another country to ruin, this one has a constitution that protects the majority from people like you.


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