Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Right-Wing Ingénue

If Christine O’Donnell’s Senate campaign is really just a six-week audition for a slot on Fox News, it’s going to be a smashing success.  I watched her on Hannity last night, and she hit it out of the park.

Now I grant you that it’s pretty easy to appear intelligent when you’re sitting next to Sean Hannity.  His ridiculous haircut perched precariously atop his enormous noggin makes him look like John Goodman in The Flintstones.  And what’s with that pen he waves around constantly?  What’s he writing down?  Sean Hannity’s been regurgitating the same talking points for twenty years.  He needs a writing utensil like a baboon needs a Blackberry.

As for Ms. O’Donnell, I think her friend Bill Maher put it best: she’s a nice Sarah Palin.  She spouts the exact same drivel as Hannity, but she looks great doing it, and she’s not obnoxious.  Hell, even I like her.

And let’s face it: Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin have been around the track a few times, and they’re pretty cranky.  In fact, if they get much shriller, only dogs will be able to hear them.  Old-fart male wingnuts might start seeing them as “battle-axes”.  Not good for ratings.

So listen up, Roger Ailes:  Be bold.  Right after the election, fire Hannity and hire O’Donnell!



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