Posted by: Rick | Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where The Buffalo Roam: Welfare Queens On The Prairie

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is a true conservative visionary.  Like most right-thinking Americans, he’s had it up to here with poor people sucking the life blood out of this great country.  But instead of just bitching about it, he’s applied his Stephen Hawking-sized intellect to the problem and come up with a solution breathtaking in its simplicity: turn these no-account parasites into hard-working sodbusters:

We have people on welfare and I know there’s some that just don’t wanna work, but there’s some that do.  How ’bout if instead of the welfare, we give ’em an alternative.  We’ll give you so many acres that can provide land where you can live off of it, make a living and we’ll give you seed money to start, but you have to sign an agreement that you’ll never accept welfare again.  How ’bout that?  We got plenty of land.

Sheer genius.  Why isn’t this in the GOP’s “Pledge To America”?

(Note: This post is not a parody. Follow the link to see the actual C-SPAN video.)



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