Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pyromaniacs’ Paradise

You’ve doubtless heard about the Tennessee firefighters who let a house burn down because its owner hadn’t his paid $75 “subscription fee”.  Nice job, guys.  Glenn Beck is proud of you.

No surprise that Mr. Beck is endorsing such barbarism.  The man is a professional asshole.  But isn’t National Review supposed to be a serious conservative publication?  I’m beginning to have my doubts.  Jonah Goldberg sounds like he’s sorry he wasn’t at the scene of the inferno toasting marshmallows:

Here’s the more important part of the story, letting the house burn — while, I admit sad — will probably save more houses over the long haul.  I know that if I opted out of the program before, I would be more likely to opt-in now.  No solace to the homeowner, but an important lesson for compassionate conservatives.

These people are sick.



  1. I’m right there with you Rick. Dick move if ever there was one – on the part of the “firefighters.”

    I have to level with you, this is a new low for Glenn Beck. Every time that guy opens his mouth I ask, “Could this guy ever out-asshole himself?”

    Then I read this and realize there is no depth of assholery that guy won’t plumb.


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