Posted by: Rick | Friday, October 15, 2010

Barack Obama’s Full Employment Plan

Republicans claim that Barack Obama hasn’t created any jobs.  That’s a damnable, scurrilous, bald-faced LIE.  If you don’t believe me, then just turn on your radio.  Pretty much every crazy-ass wingnut who wants his own show now has one.

Perhaps the most successful of the new breed is Mike Church on Sirius XM Patriot.  Thanks to President Obama, not only is this guy not working in a car wash, but he’s also stimulating the economy by attempting to sell every crappy tee-shirt, poster, video, key chain and bumper sticker he can smuggle out of China.

Bill O’Reilly pioneered this kind of relentless merchandising, and you’ve got to admire the can-do spirit.  Next thing you know, they’ll start coming directly to your house to snatch the loose change and Fritos from under your sofa cushions.

Republican economics at its finest!



  1. Two great posts in a row…great stuff Rickules.


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