Posted by: Rick | Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grading On A Hannity Curve

When a Senate candidate demonstrates her shocking unfamiliarity with the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, you’d think her defenders might have the decency to shut up about it.  You’d be wrong:

[I]t must be acknowledged that [Christine] O’Donnell did fumble one question.  That occurred when, during last night’s debate, she asked her Democrat opponent, Chris Coons, where in the Constitution does it decree a “separation of church and state?”

Coons responded by citing the establishment clause of the Constitution, which prohibits Congress from establishing a state religion.  O’Donnell then responded, “That’s in the First Amendment?”

Yes it is, as is the clause guaranteeing the “free exercise” of religion. . . .

This is from someone named John R. Guardiano at The American Spectator.   Mr. Guardiano continues his gallant defense of Ms. O’Donnell by writing:

What, after all, is the benefit of having the Constitution memorized if you don’t understand its underlying principles?

Call me an elitist, but I hardly think any American citizen should have to “memorize” the Constitution to know what’s in the First Amendment.  It’s kind of basic junior high knowledge, isn’t it?  But this shows why Republicans routinely beat the tar out of Democrats.  They never give an inch, no matter what gushers of idiocy they have to spew to defend the indefensible.

For more on the dumbing down of conservatism, see The Hannity Rules.



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