Posted by: Rick | Friday, October 22, 2010

Politics For Dummies

The people who will vote Republican on November 2 may be divided into five groups:

1) Teabaggers

2) Unaffiliated wingnuts

3) Southern racists

4) Nice folks who always vote Republican because . . . well, just because.  They watch Monster Quest and think moderate Republicans still exist.

5) Clueless coin flippers.  These people have decided that they’re mad at Barack Obama, so they’re going to vote Republican this year.  Almost all of them — after getting a nasty snootful of John Boehner and Company — will vote Democratic in 2012.

Groups one through three are unpersuadable.  Democrats should leave them be.  We can probably pick off a few members of groups four and five, but we shouldn’t spend much time or money doing it.

To have any chance at all, we need to work around the clock on motivating the Democratic base.  Is there a way we can clone Bill Clinton?



  1. It is opinions like your that prevent me from supporting Democrats. The hate from the progressive left has increased the support for Republicans, please keep it up.


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