Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reverend Ayatollah Buck

Not a day goes by that some Republican teabagger doesn’t spew something that’s either a) radical (and not in a good way) or b) stupid.  Here’s today’s entry, from Ken Buck of Colorado:

I disagree strongly with the concept of separation of church and state.  It was not written into the Constitution.  While we have a Constitution that is very strong in the sense that we are not gonna have a religion that’s sanctioned by the government, it doesn’t mean that we need to have a separation between government and religion.  And so that, that concerns me a great deal.  So I think there are cultural differences, I think there, we are as strong as we, our culture, our culture gives us our strength, I guess is the best way to put that.  And, and I am worried about the fact that we seem to be walking away from culture.

So in Ken Buck’s America, “religion” defines “culture.”  And our elected leaders should govern accordingly.  Well, that’s a comfort. 

Of course, to modify a famous Orwell line, some religions are more religious than others.  You can bet your burka that all those terrorist sympathizers posing as “peaceful” American Muslims are in for a rude awakening when the Tea Party takes the country back.



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