Posted by: Rick | Thursday, November 11, 2010

Premature Cave-ulation: Why I Wish I Were A Republican

I’m trying to think of a time when a Republican president or legislative leader caved on an important issue before negotiating with Democrats.  I can’t.

Even when Republicans know they’ll eventually have to cave, they always make sure to present their ideological case.  They know that if they keep on fighting to the bitter end, their meretricious slogans will spread like cancers through the body politic.

Democrats such as Barack Obama love to cave.  They think it’s statesmanlike.  And somewhere deep down, they’re embarrassed to be Democrats.  They’re always afraid “moderates” won’t like them.

This is why the “center” in American politics moves inexorably to the right, despite epic Republican train wrecks like the Bush years.

Moderate voters — who are mostly clueless and in need of constant guidance — get carried along as the ground moves beneath their feet.



  1. Unfortunately, I think Republicans have a much bigger advantage with the tax cut issue. Although the public is for either letting some or all of them expire, the truth is they just do not have the sixty votes. I do not think there is a way to get any republican or Ben Nelson to change their minds. My guess is the white house thinks a filibuster is too risky and will take up to much time. If I were a Republican and wanted all of the tax cuts extended, I would demand making all of them permanent and filibuster any proposal that extends all of them for just a couple of years . After all Obama cannot let the middle class ones expire since he promised throughout the campaign no tax hikes for incomes below $250,000. If the republicans did this and lets say Obama could not accept it so all the tax cuts expired, they could just propose the exact same thing in the next congress and look like the good guys. In the end all this frustrates me because in a way both parties are being irresponsible. One party is proposing adding $4 trillion to the deficit and the other $3.3 trillion. Although to be fair we are to much of a country that wants something for nothing. If we want this deficit down we all have to sacrifice. If these tax cuts continue on and on, much more painful cuts will be made elsewhere. I know we are in a bad economy and understand the negatives of raising taxes, but I am not too optimistic of congress ever letting these tax cuts go even in a good economy.

    • Any political advantage Republicans have on the tax cut issue is due largely to the cowardice of Democrats. The GOP claims that the deficit is going to kill us all tomorrow. At the same time, they’re demanding permanent tax cuts for the rich that will blow a $700 billion hole in the budget without generating significant economic benefits. This is absurd and dangerous.

      If REAL Democrats (is Obama still one?) refuse to call out Republicans for their hypocrisy, then the Kent Conrads and Heath Shulers of the world will continue to destroy the party from within. Do we really need two GOPs? I would think one is more than enough.

      • No objection on those points.


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