Posted by: Rick | Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Voices In Cantor’s Head

Now that Republicans have some real power, one of their major problems will be controlling what comes out of their own big mouths.  They’re not just playing in a right-wing sandbox anymore.  The adults are listening.

Here’s a good one.  Eric Cantor is telling Benjamin Netanyahu not to worry when President Obama talks tough on Israel.  Congressional Republicans will have Bibi’s back:

Eric has a long-standing friendship with Prime Minister Netanyahu and appreciated the opportunity to catch up last evening.  The discussion lasted over an hour and covered a range of topics that included Iran, the United Nations, and the recent U.S. election which saw the Republicans win the majority in the House. . . .

Eric stressed that the new Republican majority will serve as a check on the Administration and what has been, up until this point, one party rule in Washington.  He made clear that the Republican majority understands the special relationship between Israel and the United States, and that the security of each nation is reliant upon the other.  [Emphasis added]

Extremist Republicans — who dominate the party’s discourse — do not believe that a Democrat can be a legitimate American president.  That’s why they impeached Bill Clinton.  That’s why they had no problem lying about John Kerry’s war record.

It’s perfectly natural for Eric Cantor to promise to undermine President Obama’s Middle East diplomacy.  That’s exactly what the teabaggers back home want to hear.  Hell, most of them don’t even think Barack Obama is an American citizen!

None dare call this treason.  But if Nancy Pelosi had said the same thing in 2006. . .



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