Posted by: Rick | Monday, November 22, 2010

Sarah Palin Versus The Field: Take Palin

That which does not kill me makes me stronger — Nietzsche

Can any Republican (aside from Roger Ailes, of course) stop Sarah Palin from getting the party’s presidential nomination?  Yes: Sarah Palin.

George W. Bush proved that as long as you don’t deviate one iota from the talking points issued by your handlers, you can be dumb as a fencepost and still run a credible, gaffe-free campaign.  All that’s required is discipline and the willingness to accept — indeed, to embrace — your own limitations.  Luckily for Palin (who doesn’t seem all that disciplined), this should be easier to do today than it was in 2000.  The right-wing media has become so powerful that she need never subject herself to unwanted scrutiny.  (In Republican circles, if it didn’t happen on Fox News, it didn’t happen at all.)

Sarah Palin doesn’t know any more about public policy than the guy who rotates my tires, but in today’s teabagger-infested GOP, that’s a positive.  Her perfect ignorance makes her bulletproof.  Any challenge to her qualifications from the Romneys and Huckabees of the world can be characterized by the Palin camp as an attack on the Tea Party itself.  The more abuse Palin gets, the stronger she’ll be.

Note: I don’t think Sarah Palin even wants to be president.  I think she just wants to get the nomination, lose to Obama, and then spend the rest of her life getting rich.   I mean, really, really rich.

Oprah rich!



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